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Beautifull freebies. I'll make a very nice photobook with photos of my 2 daughters.Thanks from France ! (sorry i don't speak english fluently)

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todos los fondos bellisimos!

Posted 06:57 PM 14th Jul by vannetwob
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Thanks a Lot for your beautiful work!!!

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Posted 10:52 PM 13th Nov by zqlyhfjib
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Thankyou for sharing your lovely work. :-)

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Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work! There is no link for Just Prints. Are these papers no longer available? I 'd love to have them if possible.

Posted 10:49 PM 14th Nov by tash
I wish I was as talented as you!! These are all so delish!!! Love them and thanks

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Thank you very much for all the wonderful freebies. :)

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Thanks so much for the freebies! They are all wonderful.

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Thanks...these are all so fun, beautiful, 'em!

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Gold Leaf is beautiful, Thank you for letting us use them.

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i love your just a boy kit. its very hard to find an awesome looking boy kit but i finally have :)

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Thank you so much. Your designs are beautiful.

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thank you so much, I've just grabbed your georgeous fresh mint kit

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thank you xx

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Wow! You do awesome work. Thank you very much for sharing it! :-)

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Great kit. Thanks so much!

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thankyou for your lovely workxx

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Wow! Thank you for the kits - you are very generous! And talented! I love them.

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Thank you for fresh mint kit.

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thank you Jacq!

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When I download the yummy posicles I get an error message while extracting. Is anyone else having this problem?

Posted 05:56 PM 26th Aug by Tammy
These kits are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!

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Amazing Jacq! Simply great. Thanks friend for all the freebies!

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Your work is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

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Thank You for Sharing your design

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Love your work! Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity with us all!

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Thank you for sharing your gorgeous designs - your kits are so beautiful - love the bright, cheery colors!!

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Thank you very much for your grat generosity. Your kits and papers are top. Thanks.

Posted 05:59 AM 15th Aug by hoppala
Great kits. But Yummy Popsicles an So Cheerful does not unzip completely. Only a part of the files are usable

Posted 02:43 AM 15th Aug by melody
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us! These are so beautiful!!

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thank you thank you thank youuuuu

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Wow your kits are just gorgeous, thank you sooo much for sharing them with us

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These are just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Posted 01:09 PM 12th Aug by Dee
These are just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

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All of them are really gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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Thankyour for the great freebies, love the bright colouyrs and funky designs. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Thank you for all the awesome kits and papers.

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Love your kits!! Yummy POpsicles does not unzip completely. THere is an error reading the file.

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Thanx so much-gorgeous work!!

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Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to start scrappin!

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thank you for the beautiful kits

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thank you for such great kits !

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Thnak you so much for sharing this wonderful kits, they are absolutely awesome!

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these are beautiful pieces! thanks for sharing

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I love your kits, thank you!

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Wow!! Soooo generous of you. Many thanks from a total beginner!

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Thank you so much for all of your fabulous shares! This is the first time I've visited your blog and I'm very impressed with your creations :)

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These are amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

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Love all of them!!! Tks

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hello! I just found your blog through Chikai's freebie listings. I will definitely come back for the downloads. I'm linking you up too :)

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So beautiful!!! Thanks for your generosity!

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You are so incredibly talented and so very generous. . . thank you so much for sharing these awesomme kits!

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Thanks so much for all your wonderful shares the colors are gorgeous

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just found your site.Tysoooom:) you are very gene

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Awesome Freebies! Thanks for sharing your skills!

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thank you for the freebies... very nice.

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wow- you can really crank these out and I know you do great LOs too - amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

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I just found your designs and I really love them! I love your color choices and the simple patterns of your papers. Really cute!

Posted 03:21 AM 14th Jul by dianeskie
thank you so much Jacq!

Posted 09:44 PM 13th Jul by mrshobbes
hey sweetie! this is so cute! i so love these papers and those screws!

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Amazing Jacq!!! I love your new boy kit! Keep 'Em Coming!!!

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simple but elegant!

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so cute!

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I like your kits so much!

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Wonderful designs! I love them all. Thanks!

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Love the colors in Yummy Popsicles. Thanks so much.

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